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Consider An Air Conditioner That Doubles As A Heater When You're Looking For A New AC

When you go to an appliance store to buy a window air conditioner, you may be surprised at all the options you have. New AC models come with useful features and quieter operation, so they are beneficial for controlling the climate in your home and making you feel comfortable. One feature you might like to investigate is an air conditioner that can work as a heater in the winter. Here's why having one of these appliances is a great idea and some options for buying one.

The Benefits Of An AC Unit That Provides Heat

You can use the heating function of the air conditioner as the only source of heat or you can use it to supplement the heat from your furnace so you can lower your energy costs. If you're buying a window AC unit so you can rely on your HVAC less and have lower power bills, then you'll want to buy a unit that is energy-efficient and that automatically shuts off when the set temperature is reached so it doesn't run all the time.

Besides helping with energy costs, a window air conditioner and heater can keep you comfortable all year long. You'll be cooler in the summer, and this could be important if you need a cold room for sleeping. Plus, you'll be warmer in the winter, which you might want for a baby's room. By using your window AC unit throughout the year, you can leave the unit installed rather than having to take it out and store it when it's not in use for months at a time.

Options For Buying An AC Unit That Has Heat

You can buy an AC unit with heat that has the same features and styles as a regular air conditioner. Remote control, ability to program the operation, variable fan speeds, quiet operation, and a filter-change light are common features found on window air conditioners whether they produce heat or not. While a window AC unit might be the perfect solution for your climate control needs, you may want to look into a wall-mounted unit or a portable AC unit, too.

A window AC unit is easy to install and use, but it blocks the view from one of your windows. One other problem with a window AC unit is that you have to be meticulous about insulating around the unit so there are no air leaks that let in hot air during the summer or freezing air during the winter. A wall-mounted AC unit has a more permanent installation. You have to have an opening in a wall for one of these appliances, so these are not options for everyone. Plus, once they're installed, they can't be moved from room to room like you can move a window AC unit if necessary. However, since a wall AC unit is installed permanently, it's easier to insulate around the opening and prevent problems with air leaks.

Another choice in a new air conditioner is the portable model. These are more expensive, but they are the most versatile. You might be able to get by with a single portable unit and move it around your house as you need it rather than having to buy two window or wall units. A portable AC unit also vents to the outside through a window, but the window vent is easy to set up and move so you can use the unit at night in your bedroom and then move it to your home office during the day.

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