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Want To Know How Your Dual-Tank Water Softener System Will Be Installed? Here's How

It is an exciting day when you can install a new appliance that increases the value of your home and makes one or more systems in your house function better. Take water softener installation, for example. A dual-tank system is the most common, and it will ensure that your home's plumbing and appliances that utilize water will be in tip-top shape for years to come. If you are curious about how this particular water softener system is installed, where it will go, etc., the following information is provided. 

Find Your Water Main in Your House

Your water main is the main inlet for city water as it enters your home. There may even be a metal tag on it or imprinted lettering that says, "MAIN." It will have one or two levers attached to a couple of pipes. Your water softener technician will install the softener in this general vicinity, and as close to the water main as possible. That way, all the water that comes into your home will be processed through the dual-tank system of your water softener before it enters the rest of the pipes in your home. It is also important to make sure that the water going through the softener is softened before it reaches your water heater so that your dishwasher and clothes washer only receive softened water going forward. 

Make Sure Your Technician Can Get into the Area Where the Water Main Is

For a smooth and flawless installation, make sure the area leading to the water main and the area around the water main in your house is clear. The technician has to wheel in two tall boxes with the two tanks inside and unload them near the water main before beginning the installation process. If the main is in a closet, clear out the closet and the area in front of the closet so that the technician has a place to deposit the boxes with the two tanks and set down his/her tools. 

Expect Whiffs of Ozone or Burning Wire

Pipes will be connected from the water main to the tanks of your new softener. As such, welding is involved. The smell of melted metals, ozone, or burning wire is common, and you will probably smell it about fifteen minutes into the installation process until well after the tanks are installed. Do not worry; the smell will dissipate after a while.