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Refrigeration Upgrades For Your Grocery Store

Preparing healthy meals is a priority for working families. Many people would like to stop off at a grocery store after work and quickly find the ingredients needed to create a delicious and nutritious meal. If you have dealt with disgruntled customers lately due to perishables being hard to locate or fresh ingredients being out of stock, beef up your refrigeration display section and purchase some case parts that will make it functional and alluring. 

Cases With Tier System Racking

Think about the type of refrigeration units that you currently have in the store. Are they all tall models with straight shelving sections or are they large refrigeration units that have many different types of meat, dairy, and produce all lumped together? A tier racking system that contains shelves that gradually cascade toward the back of the unit will make it simple to view all of the products that are on display. A setup that is easy to scan will also make it convenient for your stock employees to order products that are running low.

Purchase some refrigeration units that each contain rounded glass along the front side or buy a series of cases that will place food at eye level. If the cases that you invest in contain interchangeable parts and plenty of brackets to set up a custom display, you will have everything needed to create an attractive and organized setup. If you purchase a case frame that does not contain shelves, you will need to purchase the shelves separately. 

Ingredients That Go Together And Recessed Lighting

Imagine how much time someone could save if they were able to head to one distinct section of the store and locate all of the ingredients needed for a particular recipe. Use one designated refrigerator case for complete meal ideas. Group ingredients together and purchase labels and brackets that can be used to alert your clients to what is on display and the price that is being charged for each ingredient.

If fresh fish and other items that need to be frozen will be placed inside of the case, a bed of ice can be used for display purposes. Purchase metal trays that are designed for use in a refrigeration case and use the trays to hold meat or fish. Install recessed lighting above or below the unit. Purchase extra LED bulbs so that you can keep the lighting maintained. Add baskets on top of or next to the case. Fill the baskets with additional ingredients that are needed to create each recipe that you are promoting. 

If you need to buy supermarket refrigeration case parts, contact a supplier near you.