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Beyond the Better Price: How To Get Everything Else You Want in a Scratch And Dent Appliance

You naturally expect a low price, however, just because there's a steep discount on your slightly-damaged model, doesn't mean you still can't get everything else you want in an appliance. "Scratch and dent" doesn't mean "low price only", it means the normal, sometimes high-end and mostly coveted appliances everyone is looking for. 

Find Your Favorite Features

Don't expect to find only one-size-fits-all models, no matter what kind of appliance you're looking for. Most Scratch and dent appliance sales carry some of everything, with each boasting a variety of features, from drop-in to slide-in stoves to French doors, ice-makers, and water dispensers on refrigerators.  

Search for Just the Right Size

Just because an appliance is ridiculously cheap, doesn't mean it's the right size for your home or apartment. As with features, you'll likely find a vast selection of different sizes, so break out the measuring tape and obtain the exact specifications for the area in which your new appliance will reside. Measure a few times, writing down your final numbers to have them handy when you go shopping. 

Don't Be Surprised By a Warranty

Scratches and dents should only change the appearance of an appliance, not the construction, quality, or performance and endurance expectations. Ask for warranty information on any model you're interested in, to have the peace of mind that comes with that piece of paper that guarantees you're buying something that will last.

Expect Energy Efficiency

While a ding and a dent on the outside of an appliance may alter how it looks, nothing should come between you and your steadfast commitment to saving energy and the environment. Energy Star appliances also, unfortunately, succumb to the often rough and rowdy shipping process, where many scratches and dents occur. They're also more likely to be displayed as floor models, where they'll be kicked, scraped, scratched, and dented with greater frequency. Still, that doesn't mean you can't find an appliance that will save you money, as well as be kinder to the environment, despite the external imperfections.

Get Creative about Concealing Those Scratches and Dents

Especially if you're in the market for a fridge, concealing those inevitable scratches and dents is easy and even fun. Magnetic refrigerator coverings come in a gazillion styles and patterns, from full-size sunsets or mountain scenery to smaller panels of pretty paisley prints or simple, yet complementary colors. These magnetic miracles are also available for washers and dryers, dishwashers, and chest freezers. Additionally, most homes and apartments have ready-made cubby space, specifically for different types of appliances, meaning your stove, fridge, or dishwasher will have three sides hidden by default, with only the front visible. Besides, with the deal you'll get on your new scratch and dent, a minor cosmetic flaw will be the last thing you're thinking of.

You really can have everything you want in a new appliance, even if it's advertised as slightly imperfect. You simply need to know what you want, the exact dimensions of where you'll put it, and when and where the scratch and dent sale will be held. Oh, and also, how you're going to get your new appliance home, too.