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Three Larger Appliances That You Should Always Get Inspected Before Throwing Them Away

It can sometimes seem that appliances are being built to last for less and less time, while their initial purchase price is only going up and up. While they do have a lot more features than they used to, these are countered by the sheer annoyance of having to replace them every few years. However, that does not need to be the case. There are many appliance repair services that can help you reduce your constant cycle of buying new appliances, and all for a much lower cost than buying a new version. Here are three appliances you should always get inspected by an appliance repair expert before throwing them out.


Fridges are quite complicated machines, and so it does not seem surprising that when they stop working or lose efficiency, most people want to replace them as soon as possible. However, often it is only a single component within the fridge that has broken, and the rest of the fridge is still entirely useable. Whether it is something to do with the heating and cooling mechanism or just a blown circuit in the actual power cable, the repair is often quick, simple, and most importantly, cheap! 

Washing Machines And Dryers

Any machines that deal with water have a higher risk of failure, and that is clear by how often appliance repair services get called out for broken washing machines. Water damage can turn a perfectly fine machine into a brick within seconds, but this damage can be reversed just as quickly. All it takes is locating the area where the leak has happened, patching it so it cannot happen again, and then replacing the affected electric components. If you have grown fond of your washing machine and know all of its little habits and routines, then keep it! Don't get a new washing machine when your current one is only a few hours away from being repaired at most.


In addition to appliances that use water, ones that generate heat also have a tendency to burn out quicker. That is because this is also quite a resource-intensive task to complete, especially when you consider how hot many of these hotplates have to be for hours on end. Stove repairs might take a little bit longer, but they are no exception to the rule that broken appliances are cheaper to fix than buy a new version. You can always get a quote before work begins, just so you feel totally comfortable knowing that you are saving money and helping the environment by not throwing out perfectly good appliances.

For more information, contact an appliance repair service today.